Shackerstone Family Festival

To Our Friends

Shackerstone Family Festival will no longer continue.

Soon after the 25th Shackerstone Family Festival the Committee of Volunteers and Organisations running the fund raising Event met to consider the future of the Festival. It is with much regret that they have decided the Festival will no longer continue to run in the future.

The Committee are aware that the Festival means much too many other Charities and members of the public and have therefore highlighted some of the reasons for the decision in calling it a day – including –

  • The volume of work and time required by the Committee Members and Volunteers to put on a Family Festival offering the high level and range of entertainments that it has achieved for many years.

  • Likewise the volume of work, time and effort in dealing with the increasing bureaucracy and pedantic local public bodies to the physical effort needed in the months prior to and in the days after the Festival.

  • The increasing cost of holding the fund raising Festival in contrast to the surplus raised for Charities and local projects - roughly £50,000 to generate very small returns in recent years.

  • Sadly the negative connotations of social media by a minority that inevitably does have an effect on the morale of the time giving Volunteers.

On a hot summer’s weekend in 1995 when the first Volunteers from three groups held a Festival for the first time to raise funds for their projects, no one foresaw the Festival lasting 25 years and enjoying in that time a wonderful array of events and entertainments. The Committees and Volunteers throughout that time can feel proud of their achievements and no one who witnessed the full aerial displays of the Red Arrows over a small Leicestershire village, not once but for three years, will forget the high standard achieved. 

Over the last 25 years the Festival has donated or helped raise a colossal amount of funds for various local projects together with donations to local and national Charities – a list far too long to list here. A major regret of the Committee is the consequence that ‘calling it a day’ will have on some Charities as the Festival has been their main fund raising opportunity each year.

A huge thank you must go to the Bayley Family and prior to them the Grimmer Family for the use of their land. Our Thanks certainly go to all the sponsors, members of the public, exhibitors, entertainers and members of the Friends of the Festival who have donated their time, help and support towards the Festival

SEPT 2019



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