Market Bosworth Railway Station

Market Bosworth Station c1880s

Market Bosworth Station is situated just under a mile from the town centre and two minute walk from the canal. Market Bosworth was the only major town on the line and it was from the station that much of the farming produce was ferried to and fro. The station had extensive sidings that stood to both sides of the mainline, because of the amount of goods that passed through Market Bosworth. If you look carefully you may be able to spot the remains of the earth banked platforms for the sidings behind the Goods Shed. It was used as a large petrol dump during the Second World War by the Army and had its own narrow gauge railway.

Both the original station, goods shed and stationmasters buildings are in private hands.

The LNWR Signal Box

Unlike Shackerstone the Market Bosworth signal box is the original London & North Western one. Its lever frame once controlled a large goods yard that stretched around both the goods shed and the station building. This is the second box at Bosworth and was opened in January 1899. On Easter Sunday 2008 vandals attacked the buildings at Market Bosworth seriously damaging the signal box and burning a small brick built building located nearby to the ground. The signal box had all its windows smashed and a fire that was lit within it luckily never took hold.

The Chester Road Waiting Room

This building was originally sited at Chester Road Station, Erdington on the Lichfield to Birmingham line. Although it slightly predates Market Bosworth Station it blends in well as it was also constructed for the LNWR between 1865 to 1870. When British Rail finally decided it was not required any more in 1991 the Society made enquiries about its future. It was dismantled and removed from Chester Road Station in a weekend. It arrived at Market Bosworth shortly afterwards and was reconstructed between 1991 and 1993.

The Booking Office

Very little is known about the history of this building. It started its life as a LNWR signal box and is believed to have been used at Whitwick before being moved to the Nuneaton area. It was eventually grounded and became a mess room for the Signal Telegraph Department at Abbey Street Station, Nuneaton. It was from there that the building was purchased by the Society and moved to its present location.

Hetty Lovell WWI porter at Market Bosworth

Open for Goods


Open for Passengers


Closed for Passengers


Closed for Parcels


Closed for Goods



Signal Box Opened


Replacement Box Opened


Signal Box Closed


Current State of Site

Goods ShedThe Stationmasters house is a private residence. The station building is a motor car servicing and sales garage, its front door area has been removed to make way for car inspection ramps.

The weigh bridge office is still there, however it has had a replacement modern window and appears not to be used for anything.

The Goods Shed was used as an industrial unit following the closure of the line. 

The Shed now acts as a venue for Battlefield Line events throughout the year. The original goods office area on its southern end of the building is in poor condition and awaits renovation.

Traces of the military siding platforms are still visible.

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